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Ann DeVille
Therapeutic Educational Consultant
Bilingual, Spanish

Ann DeVille has a varied background to include military service, accountant, home schooling mom, and public school teacher.  As an Therapeutic Educational Consultant, she draws on her broad experience that gives her a deep understanding and appreciation for familial, structural, fiscal and educational needs that she encompasses in all of her guidance with families, specializing in therapeutic placements. 

Throughout her journey is the inspiration of helping others achieve success.  Her military service instilled in her the value of structure, commitment and contributing to the greater good.  In the corporate world, she was keen to find fiscal responsibility and meeting business demands.  While on hiatus from accounting to start her own family, Ann discovered her passion for children and education and began homeschooling her son who was struggling in school.  The passion for changing the lives of our youth with nurturing education blossomed and later transitioned into a classroom setting as a certified teacher in a bilingual classroom.  Ann’s fluency in the Spanish language has opened the door for many families in Latin America to therapeutic opportunities not available to them otherwise.

While working with families, Ann has developed extensive working relationships with programs, therapists, directors and staff who are successful in creating the evolution within her clients as well as within the family unit. 

With the pressures to achieve, peer acceptance, self-acceptance and the resurgence of drugs in our schools, our industry has seen an increase in depression, anxiety, self-harm, and addictions plaguing our youth today.  The rise in emotional, behavioral and/or educational challenges has also attributed to the increase of families needing assistance from professionals.   When families have tried traditional methods such as seeing a therapist, school resources, local support groups and still have not made substantial progress, she guides them through the options available in successful therapeutic programs outside of the home.

Some of Ann’s hobbies include coaching soccer, reading and spending time with her family.    Ann’s greatest joy is supporting families in finding resiliency, happiness, and success. 
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