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Family Restoration
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Family units struggle at times through adolecent and young adult transitions.  When the struggle has exhausted local resources and families don't know where to turn next, we are here to help.
We understand the challenges of parenting through the difficulties of adolecence and young adulthood.
There are hundreds of therapeutic programs with various levels of care specializing in a multitude of specific behavioral, educational, emotional and addiction disorders.  Within these programs there are many therapists that further specialize their treatment.  With so many options and possible combinations, we guide your family through the process with only the highest quality programs and more specifically with therapists that have many years of experience.    We tailor our recommendations to meet the needs of your family and monitor the student's progress throughout the process. 
Family Restoration
With all of life's demands, parenting is taxing on a good day.  When you have a difficult child or young adult, it can become overwhelming.  Add into the mix a traumatic event, addiction, educational difficulties, to an already struggling youth and your family may be facing a crisis.  Traditional therapy, counseling, family, friends and your network are not making a difference and little if any results have occured. 
It may be time to look outside the home to help your child.  Your therapist may have recommended a boarding school or residential therapy.  With so many options out there and many disreputable programs, how do you choose?   We can guide you.
We continually visit therapeutic programs across the country to meet with the directors, therapists and students.  We tour the facilities, meet the staff, and verify that they are all that they say they are.  Having worked in this industry for 20+ years, we know when and why programs are shut down, when new and promising programs are begun and by whom.  The therapists we work with are all well seasoned and have great success with their clients.  
We are not compensated from any of the programs we recommend, so there is no conflict of interest.  We are solely compensated by the family and have no vested interest to any staff, program or school.  We only have your family's success in mind and only recommend schools that meet our high standards both clinically and academically. 
Journey of Healing
Client Comments
"We were greatly relieved to connect with you as we were exploring options for our daughter, and we found your guidance and support to be absolutely invaluable. The placement was perfectly suited for her, and your insights and caring met our needs, too. She is back home and doing very well."
- L. & P. P.

"Ann and Jason bring a rich combination of experience, strength and compassion to guide families through difficult times to a better place.  When I refer families to Ann and Jason, I have full confidence that they are in good hands." 
- J.H.

"It has been a pleasure working with Ann.  She has gone above and beyond what is expected in her role as an educational consultant. I cannot say enough of her responsiveness, professionalism, and genuine care.
- K.R. Clinical Director